Our Story

Hey Family,

It's Peaches and Alan, the creators of H.E.R.S. Garden! Our hearts are filled with joy as we introduce our faith-based clothing brand that aims to empower couples on their fertility journey to place their trust in God.

Through H.E.R.S. Garden, we hope to open up meaningful conversations about infertility and faith, breaking the barriers and stigmas surrounding the path to parenthood. We have personally experienced the weariness of constantly hearing, "When will you have a baby?" after years of trying with no success. Naturally, we grew frustrated with ourselves and even questioned God, but we knew we couldn't let this situation come between our marriage and our relationship with Him. In that moment of uncertainty, we couldn't help but wonder if other couples faced the same challenges. And you know what? we discovered that they did!

We understand that this journey is far from easy or ideal for couples like us who long for a growing family. However, we firmly believe that God's plan is perfect, surpassing any plans we may have for ourselves. As believers, it is our prayer that every shirt, hat, or hoodie you wear from our brand will inspire you to engage in conversations about fertility with the people you meet, sharing how your unwavering faith in God is helping you overcome these challenges.

Before you leave, we encourage you to explore our website and find something that resonates with you. By supporting us, you contribute to building a community that embraces faith, fashion, and fertility, striving to create a safe space for open dialogue.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

With love and hope,
Peaches and Alan

H.E.R.S. Garden